Saturday, August 30, 2008

Its Your Damn Hair

In my raw food blog I talked about staying in control. I take with women everyday, and it is evident to me that we give up we know in our hearts is right for us to do. It mostly means turning off Logic and reacting to Emotions. We play by emotions all day long.

Imagine having to seek approval or validation from another human being who has to put their pants on one leg at a time just as you do. But we do this all the time. We're so afraid of rejection, being unloved, or socially accepted. Our hair is such a political, social issue and for many of us, very scary to deal with.

Set yourself free from the that shell and be who you know you need to be.

Yes everyone won't like it.

But so what! Your chest expands because of the air you breathe and there is not one single person including your mother who can do that for(well she did while you were in her womb, but she relinguished that power to you when the cord was cut!) You have start making the best of the life you have. If this means stepping away from false things like relaxers and extensions, then so be it. But be firm in the WHY your doing so that you create an unshakeable faith in whats right for you.

For me, natural hair represents love of "HOW" I am made. And I don't care who thinks differently.

I have built up my arsenal of , biblical, historical,philosophical facts to support my decision. It feels right too. It is a higher connection to me.

If you are reading and are unsure of the leap to Sisterlocks or natura hair in general, the fact that you are conflicted means that you have given up your control to some level.

You know that you need:

To survive. Is there anyone on this planet that can tell you that you can live without food? You know with absolute assurity that you need food to sustain you. It is the same for every other aspect of your life. The confidence and the knowlege that you need food to exist is so natural for you that no religion can program you into thinking different less Jesus himself comes down and tells you so.

Have this posture in all you do. In all areas of your life and you will look in the mirror and like what stares back at you.



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Amen you are so right! I dont understand posts where people talk about getting approval from others to do their hair. I can understand asking someone's opinion but approval? No sah! What next asking approval to go to the damn toilet!
Den in the UK

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