Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Self Esteem

I used to say that Sisterlocks can boost your self esteem, but I have found that when I consult with women that self esteem really comes from a different place. It can not be packaged in a bottle or purchased. You cannt hum your way to seld awareness. Affirmations I love very much but even this alone will not build your inner self. Your value comes from actions that you very well. Self esteem comes from doing the things that are important t you and mastering them.

When I first started my career in natural hair, I was horrible. I was scared to try new techniques, afraid of my clients, afraid of failing. Fear Fear Fear! But I knew that I want to master it. It meant being an instrument for self expression in it natural form. Doing natural hair was correct for me both spiritually and physically. so I kept at it. I put energy consistantly t the affirmation" I am a master hairstylist" and eventually styling became secnd nature for me. I work fast, i work creatively, I work with excitement of the finished product.

Do you think it made my self esteem rise? You bet! My self esteem climbed because I accomplished something and my words(affirmations) became flesh (wonderful natural hair styles and happy clients). Focus on your abilities and enhance them. Nuture and grow what yu desire to become. Its not the lipstick the hair. It is about the part of you that cannot be given to others.


Docs Locs said...

"Self esteem comes from doing the things that are important t you and mastering them"

You are on it, girl!


Gigglz said...

Well said!

Pepperchild said...

Very insightful...

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