Monday, September 21, 2009

Plant the Seeds for Tomorrow

Please you to my you tube channel /salkis to see my new style video. I will be creating new vids often. If you are struggling with the decision to Sisterlock your hair I know my vids with help to steer you this way.

I just want to remind my felines that I am a weightloss and life coach, so if yu are trying to find answers to problems with image, sex, self esteem and manifestation, do not hesistate to call to set up a free session with me. This is the time to plant the seeds that will reap for the following spring. If yu want your winter t be depression free, then you have to start working on your what you want to change in yur life. Decide right now what you will give attention to, what you intend to change and plant that seed of intention now.

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