Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sisterhood of Sisterlocks

There is something really satisfiying about wearing natural hair. I feel more relaxed and at peace with myself. Mre like I am honoring myself and my parents for making me physically who I am. It is funny to see people's reactions as they look at me when Im out and about, but I pay particular attention to how the young girls look at me. Some look at me with curiosity, some with a little fear, then some with awe. Women we are a culture within a culture. The things we capable of doing( bringing life into the world) has a level of magic and mystery we have yet to understand ourselves.
Degredation and humiliation from men crowds our history and has currupted our DNA. We feel alone, ashamed of breasts, over hips, our hair. There are rites of passage in Africa were young girls are put into cages when they start there menstration and are only freed after years of (purging the bad spirits.

I oten contemplate my own earlier feelings about my self image. Why did I feel so ugly. Why did I feel I belonged "No Where". Why did my so-called freinds make fun of my skin and full lips when they possess only hair-like differences to me.

Women are afraid to be who they are (if they are honest) because of MEN!

I haven't met a woman yet who has hesitated about getting sisterlocks for any other reason than she is afraid that she will look "Ugly" to her mate, spouse etc..

We have to create real Sisterhood bonds where we are more concerned for the heath and vitality of US than anything else. A mother's love is the first love that we all experience and mothers give us the first feelings of hate, shame, and low self esteem.

Let's unite to strenghthen our bonds with each other and the world.

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