Friday, December 18, 2009

Sisterlocks for 2010!

Since we are at the close of the year I know my sisterlocks are thinking about the past and looking forward for the future. We all do deep contemplation at the end of the year. What goals we accomplished, what resolutions we broke and what we promise to do for the new year.

I think a great start to for the new year would be embracing who you are, being more authentic, telling people what you truly feeling and making decisions based on what makes YOU happy. That is better than any Christmas gift you could recieve or give. Being ture to yourself means caring a little more about your total well-being. It means facing the fear of being unpopular or being alone for a while.

If you hate yourself you cansurely love yourself as they both have the same level of intensity and emotion. You live long enough and you can bet you will experience both within yourself or someone you care about. This is life ladies.

Your hair is an expression of indivduality and culture, It can reflect art or conservativeness, your is how you communicate your mood and level of care and even hyigene.

what will you do with this year that's fast approaching, plan now to love yourself more for the coming year, I know I will.

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