Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fear of Your Hair

I had an interesting consultation yesterday. A young lady who I'll call Flower wanted to get her hair sisterlocked. She said she had made numerous appointments in the past and would always cancel at the last minute. I asked her why she never went through with it ad she explained to me about the fear of going natural and nt looking attractive even though she saw countless Sisterlock pictures and read blogs like mine. She was just afraid to start them. And she proceeded to them me that she will cry while she gets her installation, its a sure bet she'll need Cleanex.

I got to thinking about my transition to Sisterlocks and the fears I had before I decided to take the step and the question of why most of us are so afraid to morph over to locs or natural hair styles of any kind.
My take on this is that it is a death in a sense.
The You that you thought you were has to leave. All the security blankets of long straight hair. It really is going against what is socially acceptable as beauty and it scares us to death. We become children again as we learn and understand how to treat our natural hair, how to adorn it, wash it etc..

For some,they have never even felt the texture of there own hair, for mom gave her perms ince she was 6 years old.

I can't say it enough. We are beautiful women here in the West, away from our culture, our language, our food, our intellect, our marraiges, our government and I can go on and on.

We don't even trust in what we say we believe. If a diamond takes millions of years to become a diamond then how can the bible time line be true. These things we have been force to believe just as we have been forced to think that our hair is Course, Kinky,Nappy, Hard, Unruly etc..

Save your tears... No one cares.... Free Yourself... Be the best AS YOU!!

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