Saturday, May 01, 2010

Your True Self

"be like water"-Bruce lee
I agree with this quote. It means to flow not be ridged in thinking to transform yourself as needed. You will not be the same next year as you are now. You may be better you may be worse, but it is your direction of the flow of your own water that will determine where you go, how fast you go, how hard you go etc..

You life is your own as is your hair. Do not fear change, why waste time fearing change when it will happen anyway. The trick it to direct the change to benefit you right now.

Everyday you get a new chance. An opportunity for a brand new start, a brand new you.

The Problem... Is Yesterday
You keep living in it, thinking that today will automatically be like it was yesterday. No my sistah, today you are smarter, older, wiser and farther along in your journey than you were yesterday. Your more capable in task and deed today.

Will you take advantage of the gift of today?

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