Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hair-Whats Sexy About IT!

We all feel better when we look good. But what is sexy when it comes to natural hair. Can we define what is a head turner and what is hum-drum? I think its is your spirit that brings what you do to life. I have seen very fantastically intricate designs that only stylist could appreciate, then there are basic dos paired with the right earrings and shoes that can't seem to quit getting looks. You confidence carries over into your total look. It is not what you say that is the best communicator, it is your facial expression, your eyes...your body tell the story even if you try to lie so don't waste your time pretending to be sexy, you have to own it, own who you are from the top of your head to your pinkie toenail. The sexy you are trying to be will show if you believe it first...

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