Thursday, September 16, 2010

Special Woman

Vagina Glorification

I put this pic up because if its symbolism of the vagina. We are special and that sugar you have downstairs is the very essence of your being. We throw it away on unworthy people. Day to day we fight for acceptance and validation of our beauty from people who will never care unless we start to care about ourselves. I often said that Sisterlocks and natural hair itself is more of statement thanit is vanity because we have been told that we are not valuable, that our hair is problematic, that we need to alter our genetic structure in order to be in the game.
Make your Sisterlocks or whatever natural style you choose, your purpose for passing on high self esteem to your little girls, they are watching you to know how they should be. They are looking at you as the first symbol of beauty. When you perm, you send a message, make sure your message is with clear intent so no one will don't who you are.

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Choklett said...

As simple as this is stated, it is extremely true and powerful!! Thank you!

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