Friday, September 17, 2010

Elegant Sisterlock Styles?

I listen when people use certain words to describe the style they are looking for. I often her the word elegant thrown around alot. When I ask for elaboration on what that meant to them, it was usually described as "smooth" or  "neat" or "soft" style.

Huh! What does that really mean ladies. I had to examine this for myself as I too have been a victim of indoctrination of what is elegant and soft. So an Afro is not elegant or soft? Spiky twists or Bantu knots are not elegant or soft? Big plaits can't be elegant either.

What are we really saying here? I love my Sisterlocks and I do have a rep for creating unique artistic designs with my hair, definitely not a corporate look. That is the spirit hold. but I have to use this a selling point to sisters who are afraid to deal with their natural hair. I know some sistahs who rock low fades and they are sexy and more elegant than any woman with a chignon.

Sisterlocks serves a purpose, it helps us get used to loving our own hair, but lets not get lost in the translation of the deeper meaning of why we do this. It is for self love right? Or is it for vanity? You decide whether a style is appropriate for a wedding or an afternoon picnic, don't allow ad campaigns or the mothers of your church to do this for you. Be firm in how you want to look with your natural hair, after all its YOURS!

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paula said...

The minute I saw a photo of a lady with sisterlocks, I instantly fell in love with them. I knew that was what I had been dreaming of for so long without even knowing it was out there.

What is it about sisterlocks that drove me absolutely nuts? Well, look at traditional locks for starters! I love the fact that they are thin, neat, groomed, clean and even, to name but a few!

I'm not much about styling, though they also offer plenty of flexibility for that too. I didn't mind paying a small fortune to have them, not having them almost cost me my sanity going bankrupt buying hair God didn't give me in the first place. Year in, year out. For decades.

And as an absolute bonus, sisterlocks have been my rehab from product addiction. I have learned so much about the functioning of my own scalp and learned to make responsible choices for my health as well.

So what do I like about sisterlocks? Rather ask what's not to like about sisterlocks!



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