Sunday, October 30, 2011

I teach Natural Hair Styling

Sisterlocks Styles-Updo

I taught natural hair styling with  sisterlocks at  a hair show in San Bernadino, CA. Here I am demonstrating an updo with sisterlocks. You can create any style you wish using simple tools and accessories. For this look I actually used yarn!

Are you a Cosmetologist?
If you are a cosmetologist looking to venture into natural hair styling, your on the right track. Today's clients are multicultural , and many women are opting for chemical free styling like sisterlocks. I started my career doing relaxers and weaves because natural hair wasn't as trendy as it is now.

Natural Hairstyle with Yarn/Sisterlocks

Meeting Dr. Cornwell
I remember meeting Dr. Cornwell   back in 1993. She was promoting her brand, and I was so in love with the look but I was afraid to have them installed for fear of losing clients! Can you believe that! I'm making fearful decisions of how I'd wear my own hair. I was also afraid of doing natural;the work involved to achieve a natural hairstyle is a quite different in terms of time. But trust me, as with all things, you become more efficient and skilled with time and practice. 

Locs Hair Styles
Locs are really a care free way of wearing natural hair: support your client's desire to natural!I here many complaints from 1st-time clients and their frustration do to debates over whether to go natural or not. Your client will eventually leave you to find another stylist that will offer the services they need.
Learn It All
If there is one piece of advice I could give a newbie hair stylist, it would be this:Learn it all! With Kim Coles doing her hair growth challenge and Raven Simone sporting her natural curls, its no wonder women are racing to the salons for BC's and curly hair products.
Don't let natural hair intimidate u!  

Sisterlocks Medium Length

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