Monday, August 13, 2007

Moisture for Sisterlocks

Hey guys! I hope all is well with the start of your work week. I've been busy getting all my ducks in a row for this upcoming hair video. I don't want to rush and make a bad product so I'm taking a little time to get all the particulars out of the way. I'm still on my meditation kick and I'm lovin it. Sisterlocks are sure holding up to all that Tao Bo sweat I doing but it's great too. Since I made the commitment to workout daily, I have been washing my hair practically everyday and we know hoe drying that can be for "US" Sisterlock girls. No need to fret though, I've found a product that really makes the hair hair super soft and well moisturized. It's called Prestige D'Afrique. This product is slammin for locs ladies, and the smell: incredible. You can even dilute the moisturizing lotion half and half and still get all the moisture benefits. Is it all natural? hummm NO! But it works for those who need something more than shea butter basics.


Ms Stella said...

I've had my Sisterlocks for 9 months now and I'm not fully locked. I have thick hair. I'm not good at hair typing but I guess you could say I have type 4 hair. Tight curl pattern and smooth cuticle.

I live in a hot/dry climate. Do you think the Presige D'Afrique would work well on my hair?

Anonymous said...


I tried to find the product you referred to on the internet, but couldn't. Is it still making your locks soft, and if so, would you mind telling the full name of the product itself (I think Prestige D'Afrique is the name of the manufacturer) and where you purchased it?

Thanks a lot! Erika

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