Thursday, October 04, 2007

My New Website

I am happy to be back online again with my new site called Comb My It's a work in progress but my goal is to make it a great resource center for natural especially Sisterlocks. I am going to add phots as I go along and I will continue to update you guys on the instructional videos which I am really excited about. I am doing a hair show this weekend at the Jacob Javitz center in new York. I am assisting world renown hairstylist Torain, the orginator of the "hair fusion technique". The show will be mostly white people but I am still excited about it. This will be the first time I conduct classes at a show. My hubby will be filming so I should have some great shots for you guys to view. I also have some celebrity stylist interviews that I will post very soon.

I wanted to get the perspectives of industry leaders in what they feel is nessescary to become an accomplished "natural hair stylist". The interviews where enlightening and eyeopening. You'll be surprised at what they think about becoming licensed and what it really takes to become a celebrity hair stylist.

I want all new hair stylist to get off on the right foot, to start with good habits and good business skills. They your profession seriously because we are no longer going to be accept mediocre status. What we do takes skill, patience and love. Education is very important and for a long time I thought I knew it all. Big Mistake! there is always something new to learn. Something that will make you work faster, neater, better.

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