Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Natural Sistah- Oh Please!

I decided to poke around to see what everyone has been talking about with respect to natural hair and I have to say that I'm a little ticked off by some of the comments made by my natural sistahs. I guess I see the hypocrisy with the finger pointing and the name calling that "we" often do and I find it really unnecessary to tongue lash someone who wants to wear straight hair or better yet, someone with naturally straight hair. You guys pic one aspect of "being black" and everybody runs with it because its the easiest to change, but the facts are that no one is pure in blood and along with saying no to perms you need to say no to :

Jeans- originally from France
Chicken- Asia
High Heel Shoes- Europe
marriage ceremony- Roman law

And I can go on. Now this is my blog so I voice what I feel here, but if you do a little research, you will see that we have lost every aspect of our culture and it really doesn't even matter how we wear our hair any more. If you really want to embrace your true self, then you would have to give up many "norms" not just relaxers and weaves. Colonialism has changed more than our way of thinking: its changed our DNA! I think we need to love each as human beings first!


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QueenLi said...

Lazy Blogger Checking in: No I don't wanna "log-in", with that said:

I remember a wht girl, telling a sister to take off her bluejeans, when the sister told her not to wear her{wht. girl} hair braided.
{This was on some "talk-show"}
IMO, they are "Both Wrong."

The wht. girl can wear her hair any way she wants to, it's her hair! {My personal opinion, she looked ridiculous!} and if a sister wants to wear bluejeans, which is denim, {cotton} I think our ancestors picked enough cotton, for us to not only "wear" the jeans, but we should be be wearing them for Free!

I'm not one of these "I'm Natural" and you are not, so I'm above and you're below-type of chick. I had a perm for 10 yrs, and the "Awful (so-called care-free)Curl" for 2 yrs. I am not against sisters who want to straighten their hair. But like Dr. JoAnne C. said in her book, something is wrong when an entire group does not know, or even like what their natural hair feels like.

You are not the first person to have Natural hair, and do weaves, perms, and what not. I've seen that done before, just like I've seen someone with a perm do "natural hair" in the end, it is your life, and you gotta eat.

Sorry if I took up too much time on your Blog-comment space, feel free to visit mine!

Tra said...

Sometimes new natural folk can be just like the newly "saved" they get really carried away and recite natural verse adnauasaeam (sp?).
Eventually they find a balance and learn that each one has to do what works and is right for them.
The only time my nerves get raw is when a straight hair black woman or a black man, make ignorant assumptions about another black person who doesn't straighten their hair.

Live and let live.

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