Friday, January 25, 2008

Adding Extensions to Sisterlocks

Hi ladies! How is the year going for you so far? I feel wonderful. Very thankful for being alive. Anyways I just thought I'd stop by to address a question that keeps coming up about Sisterlocks. "Can you extend Sisterlocks?"

My answer up until now has always been no, but recently I had to add hair to mine. Yep I messed around and colored my hair again. This was actually the 14th time I colored my hair since I've had them in and boy my hair paid the price for my "reinventing phases". As I tod you guys in my past post, I wanted to change my hair color back to black. I guess I was feeling a little nostalgia and wanted to recapture a little of the past.

Remember when Jazzin hair rinse came out with that "blue-black" hair color. I loved that color. I did the whole jet black hair and blood red lipstick thing for years. So yes, I had to go there again. But this time I almost lost all my Locks.

So off I went to the china-man beauty supply to find something to correct my mishap. I found some kinky hair and immediately went home to see if I could thinken up the thinning areas of my locks. I was so afraid of losing my hair as some of them were hanging by three or four strands of hair.

So the technique I used was a wrapping technique and a braid technique. I would start wrapping the hair just above the thinning area(about 5 turns) , then I would divide the extension hair to create 3 pieces and I'd braid (about 4 turns) then I'd switch to the wrap technique again until the thin area was totally covered. The hair blended very nicely and it was locked in pretty tight too.

I don't want my fellow S consultants to slay me for adding hair to my locks but I really had no choice. It was either that or shave my hair off, and I ain't doing that.

I am thinking of offering this as an additional service for sistahs who are experiencing separating locks. But don't over color your hair like I did.



Sogolocs said...

It sounds as if that may work. Keep the faith and things will work out in the long run. Very clever and informative to anyone else that may need to make adjustments to their locs.

Valenciajaz said...

Hi. I'll have my Sisterlocks for 2yrs this March and I want to color them for the first time. Any tips you can give would be appreciated. I'm sooo afraid that color will dry, straighten or thin my locks.

Tra said...

I DEFINITELY think you should add this as a service. I know you did yours to save your locks but some of us would enjoy being able to add extensions to our locks for length. Will you post pics of it?


I have had to do this to my locs also. Spots where they had thined out due to my careless retighting. I either use cotton thread or yarn. I wrap mine once then braid past the thinning area reinforcing it. Works like a charm. Glad to know i am not the only one whos gone through this process.

tanya aka blackluvdmom

Anonymous said...

Wow, as a newbie this gives me cause for pause. Can anyone explain what causes SL's to thin in the first place? Should people just not color SLs? I love color and don't think I'd be able to do without it. Is size the issue? Should you stick with medium to large SLs so that after they expand and contract to their final size, they actually survive? I am really worried I will lock in about 2 weeks and plan to be a DIY-er later on.
Salkis thanks for your blog, you truly are an inspiration.

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