Monday, February 11, 2008

Transition To Sisterlocks

How is your year going so far. For me, it has been a real eye opener. My beliefs have been challenged, by habits have been tested. I am finding more connections with the mind boy and spirit.

I am starting to realize that Sisterlocks is connected to our higher sense of self. Most of not all of my clients(myself included) have made the decision to cross over to sisterlocks because of major shift in circumstance, tramatic events, celebratory events etc.. It always seems to be a letting go of something, or a letting in of something that provides the perfect recipe for transition to Sisterlocks.

I meet women who have just recovered from cancer

I meet women who are having their first baby

I meet women who are coming out of relationships or getting into one

I meet women who have just lost loved ones

I meet women who have started new jobs

and so on and so on...

See, it is always centered around some major happening in our lives. I have never seen a hairstyle have such power over a person's life as I have with Sisterlocks. Its really not the hairstyle itself, but what it represents. I love it!

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