Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Do what you want

Thanks for all the good feedback for my new pics. I wanted to show more crativity with sisterlocks. I am little tired of the braid-outs and roller sets I just decided to be inspired by my own features. There is nothing european about me so I thought, what the heck, why not take it all the way home to Africa and rep my species to the fullest. These days I make no excuses for who I am-you can feel it when you see me that I am "different" and this works for me.

I can explore who I am because I am not tied down to a man I don't have to check with him to see if he likes this or that, I just do what feels good to me and its great being on this side of the fence. Surpression is not a cup I drink from and there is nothing better than being in total control of your life


Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

Definitely love it!

cheleski said...

yesss DO YOU! My latest post is about this. true dat!

Chloe Bee said...

preach! some sister don't realize how toxic that must be to love a man that doesn't appreciate you for you even if you've been faking the way you lock(ei. eve , relaxers)you since you knew him. I mean, I hear all the time, " I like natural but my man..." he must be a real terror if he wont love the women you truly re, you know. But also Its cool to see some women are blessed with men that are so supportive and encourage that change! that's cool!

oraya said...

you looks just like mary j. blige

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