Sunday, June 07, 2009

more inspiration

I really can't express how important it is to me to be the best representation for black woman. Hair is so personal, spirtual, romantic, and sexual. We are living in a great time right now,we have options. You don't have to feel afraid of being "natural" anymore. I often hear woman say,"I don't have the face for natural hair!" Can someone expain what the "face" for natural hair looks like, for to me, if you were born with it, then you have the face for natural hair. Get it! You guys start taking some time to explore who you are and how you want the world to see you. If you have locks rep it to the fullest. Show our young girls that its not a sacrafice to have sisterlocks or any natural style. We can still be high fashion and sexy as hell, but the best part is that its yours! Show the woman in your community that its better on this side of the fence!!!

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Chinue*s LLL Philosophy said...

I totally love this look. Very creative.

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