Sunday, September 19, 2010

Moisture for Sisterlocks

When your Sisterlocks have fully matured and you can start conditioning treatments on a regular basis, I suggest to add castor oil as a  major part of your regimen.  I have found it very conditioning for my own locs and doing a little more research about this Castor oil, I found that its so good for other aliments as well. If you follow my you tube videos I demonstrate exercises for the ovaries and to firm the breasts as well.
Using Castor oil along with a 10 minute breast massage is going to firm the breasts in no time. This oil pentrates into the skin, regenerate skin tissues and removes cysts and tumors. Castor oil backs can be used for topical treatments of the liver and kidneys. A drop of this oil in each eye for about 3 months has been said to cure cataracts too. If you suffer from yeast infections, this oil will take it away in a day or 2.

It will thicken hair and help prevent more hair loss. Put a few drops in scalp and massage for a few minutes, add tea tree oil, or eucalyptus for more circulation.

 I mix mine  and apply it daily with a little jasmine essential oil and apply it to my breasts, vagina and hair.
Please try it, yall know I aint for no hype, Im telling you it works!

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