Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Styling Junkie

I know I've been a victim of it too, always wanting to create a new look with my sisterlocks. I remember when I first started out, I'd be roller setting my hair every other day, adding spritz and oils, scarfing it to keep the frizzy hair in place. I was a fanatic about my hair when it was supposed to be a care free style. It cost me a few locks too. The coloring constantly and the tight pony tails thinned my hair line.

I think we have to learn to love it as it is. If you plait your Sisterlocks in four big braids, no should ask you want your going to do with your hair, Why can't that be considered a hair style? Why are curls, or waves, or updo's considered hair style and no other form. Why not let it hang and just be, thats a style. The "loc" itself it the style. We torture ourselves so much trying make our hair smooth and flat, neat or curly. The benefits sometimes get lost in translation. Most women who have long hair do not do much with it. If you ask them I'd bet they tell you that they style their hair once in a while, follow simple committed hair care regimens, eat right etc.. No fuss...

I am all for being Divalishous but these days, not at the expense of the health of my Sisterlocks. If you are coloring or styling and notice thinning as a result, you need to stop and find some gentler ways to groom your hair, and for color over lapping is usually the reason the locs get weak, you may need to add protein conditioners like Ultra sheen or

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