Saturday, September 25, 2010

Natural Hair Care

I take Sea Moss and Kelp everyday and herbal supplements for my hair and body. Greens grow the hair fast and makes it thicker too.Just because you have locks does not mean that hair care goes out the window. Sisterlocks and weaken and break just like any other type of hair style. Smelly, broken, and lint-filled Sisterlocks are not only unattractive but represents bad hygiene. If we are to dispel connotations about natural hair and locs, then take little time to pamper  and groom your hair. I love Jasmine, Rosemary essential oils, can't forget vanilla too.
Women from other cultures are known for the grace and beauty, what is the American Woman known for. Are we known for our beauty, poise, charity etc.. Check yourself. Hairy chins, bad breath, worn out underwear, sweaty locs etc... No excuse for this ladies. We are the cream of the crop. Ageless, timeless, its time we own the title of Goddesses. Care for you hair as if its a part of you because it is...

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