Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Deep Clean Dredlocks

Stylish dredlocks, healthy and clean!
Keeping dredlocks clean can be a challenge, especially when u have had them for a while. That sour smell is embarrassing and not to mention just dirty. Over time styling products can cause build up inside your locks, trapped oils, when mixed with moisture, can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt.

Who wants to constantly smell like they need to be hosed down. Keep your locs fresh by applying essential oils like lavender, cedarwood and cornmint.

These essential oils have natural antibacterial properties to keep your scalp and hair smelling fresh.I see clients daily and some of them have really bad diets, you can smell what a person eats just by smelling there hair!

When you shampoo(especially if you have large loc) Heat the shampoo first to thin it out, then pour it into the hair. Heating allows the shampoo to penetrate into the loc instead of sitting on top of the locs and only going in just beneath the surface. Liquifying the shampoo will ensure that it reaches the dredlock's core  to lift out product build up.

Any shampoo will work for this, even the cheap ones. If you really have build up beyond the scope of holistic methods then u may need to use dish washing liquid to pull the wax out of your hair. Dawn degreaser works well. Not very glam, but then again, hair that smells like horse poo isn't either!

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