Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Natural hair styles for Work

As a natural hair stylist, I want to represent possibilities, I want black women to see hair(our hair) in a different way. I know this natural hair care movement is making super stars out of regular Janes out here,and that great but I still see conformity. I still see styles that are safe appropriate for the work place. And I ask what is appropriate? Are you denying what your hair is capable of doing for the sake of fitting in?

Hmm As if you an hide your black skin, its ridiculous, my opinion. If you are smart, on time,work hard and show initiative, how would an employer replace you for a hair style.  I HAVE LAWYER CLIENTS who are afro wearers in courtrooms and JUDGES on the bench with spike twists. U can't use that line anymore. If you want to be invisible its for other reasons, don't use work as an excuse to defame yourself. Wear your natural hair!

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