Wednesday, November 28, 2007


What if everything you thought about instantly manifested into existence? What if every thought that you've had today suddenly became real.

Would that be a good thing for you or a bad thing ? If you said bad, it's probably because you are thinking negatively about yourself or something in your life, and although you cannot see your thoughts manifesting instantly into the physical world that we "reality" ,you've still set the heels in motion for those thoughts to take shape.

You had to think about what to wear this morning before you put it on. You thought about what eat for dinner tonight.

You thought about breaking up with your boyfriend before you did it.

There is nothing you can do that does not require thought first.

You may have thought to yourself, "I'm ugly, or I'll never get married, or I'm not a good mother", well guess what! Just as your thoughts made you decide to wear that dress or brush your teeth, your thoughts are also directing the negative internal dialog that says I'm fat, or I'm stupid, or I'm poor.

Your thoughts move you to manifestation. Your thoughts are waves of energy.
Everything has energy. You, me, and apple, an ant, a rock... The more positive your thought(energy) is, the faster it will flow to you. The more negative the energy(thought) is, the slower it will move.

Its like food. All food has energy. Positive foods or high energy foods move though your body quickly(easy bowel movements, clear skin, energy). Low energy foods move though the body slowly(constipation, acne,cancer).

Energy flows though the blood.
In order to raise your hand, electrical impulses are carried to your brain through your blood. Keep this in mind the next time you eat meat. When you eat meat( chicken, turkey, fish, pig etc..) think about thought patterns of the animals as they were being slaugtered for tonights meal. What ever thoughts were locked into the animals' blood before it was killed ,now becomes your own because you consume the blood too.

Keep the blood clean so that your energy(thoughts ) can flow freely.

Think clearly. Think Positively

Everything you do, say or think with repeated focus will manifest itself. So make it something you want.

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QueenLi said...

I thought about hitting the lotto, in fact, I've "Thought" about that all week! :)

Nice post.

Take care~

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