Saturday, December 01, 2007

Free Teleconference Coaching

Hey ladies, I have been talking about health so much these days because I am really passionate about looking and feeling good. I want all of you ladies who are ready to make a change to come join me for a Free Teleconference Seminar.
You will find out more about me and how I lost my excess weight. You will also get a jump start on your own weight loss goals.

The purpose for this free seminar is to get all my sisters ready for the new year. Don't wait for your transformation, TAKE IT!

This weeks topics will cover

Soy, is it really good for us?

The one thing you should consume right now to stat your weight loss program

The one food to take out of your menu for rapid weight loss

What exersizes can transform your body quickly

Mind set(90% of problem)Learn techniques to change your mindset for permanent weightloss.

To join dial; 616-712-8000 ,when prompted dial access code 720538#

at 6 p.m. eastern standard time Sunday December 2, 2007 join me for fun, education, and motivation


Natacha said...

Damn it, I missed this. Just getting around to checking up on your blog only to find that I missed the telecon.

Hopefully you'll host another and I'll be able to join in.


Tra said...

I am also just checking in. Let me know if you are going to do this again.

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