Sunday, November 25, 2007

Raw Spaghetti for my Sistahs

Ok folks this my Raw Spaghetti. This is a completely raw dish: nothing cooked. I made the sauce from fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, dates, onions, celtic sea salt, fresh dill and thyme. The noodles portion is made from zucchini thats been sliced into thin spirals resembling pasta.

The cheese topping is made from soaked pine nuts, sea salt, nutritional yeast. I blended everything together until smooth and just put some on top of my sauce that was also blended. yummy^)

I know you guy are this working off the holiday turkey but I want you to seriously think about the raw food diet. It i a much healthier way to eat. Want to have rapid weight loss- go raw ladies and the weight will fall off of you.

I love eating raw because the body doesn't have to lose so much oxygen to digest the food. Have you seen people you are totally raw?

They look so beautiful. They have reversed the aging process and allowed there bodies to heal. Don't weight until after the holidays to start your diet program.

Get a head start on your diet right know.

Don't cook your greens any more! Have it in a smoothie form. It's the easiest way to get your daily amount in a delicious way.

Get ome ripe bananas, cut them up and freeze them.

Take a bunch of spinach, put them in your blender along with a little water(2 cups)and add about 2-3 ripe frozen bananas and blend until smooth.

This is a delicious way to get your greens in with all the nutrients left in tact, and because your not juicing it all the fiber is left to do its work in your intestines. No more constipation yahh!!!

Ladies don't tell yourself that you can't do this. You can do better for yourself.

Don't just top with leaving the relaxer alone. There is o much more to this transformation than just embracing your natural hair. It's about natural living too!

The next time you have a craving for turkey or chicken, think about how all the cancer, bacteria and feces your eating. You ay you need protein? Broccoli has protein, almonds, spinach etc.. The only thing you get from animals high cholesterol, infections,heart attacks, diabetes and the list goes on and on.

I love my sistahs and I know for a fact that true transformation starts with a clear mind, and if you consume a high meat based diet as well as refined foods, you are crippling your mind and body and soul.


Lakia said...

yum yum! that looks good!

Eyedinity said...

I read about your raw food diet and it sounds very interesting.Can you tell me please how long have you been going raw, the benefits you've noticed thus far and if it's more expensive to purchase these items?Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, and oh my goodness you are what I am attainting to be in the future. I have been off and on the raw food lifestyle for may years and it does work. Keep writing of yor experiences because it is uplifting. I love your sisterlocks also!!=)

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful that the raw food diet works for you. It would be nice to find a blogger who actually tells you how to do what their raving about but I guess that would be asking for too much.

Many people don't have the time, the know how and don't know where and how to begin a raw foods diet. It's easy to have done it for yourself and tell everyone else to do it. Tell us what to do.

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